The Toughest Game in Rochester

Come on down to the thunder dome this Friday for some crazy action. If ya know where it is, ya know where it is. But you certainly won’t know what hit ya if you make it down. Rumor has it that TWO radio and/or podcast hosts for poker will be there, I’ll be there, and there’s Mountain Dew for days.* PLO8** has never seemed so mean at The Thunderbarn ’16.

*Dew for Days is not a flavor of Mountain Dew and may cause insomnia, jitters, live poker misclicks, live poker fake misclicks, as well as live poker fake fake misclicks. PepsiCo takes no responsibility for how silly I make you look on Friday and you have no one to blame but yourself.***

**AKA “Early Christmas” as it’s called amongst me and my accounts

***but the Illuminati is proves a decent scapegoat. Or God. Anything unprovable works wonders.